Attention! In the letter below you're going to learn a handful of "humor secrets" that can get a girl "drunk with lust" all during the context of an innocent conversation...

The #1 Secret to Making Her Dripping Wet 
and Uncontrollably Horny
with Humor...

"Discover this Simple Formula That will Get Any Girl Drunk with Lust... Back To Your Bedroom, Panties Around Her Ankles, and Begging You to Bang Her... "


I want to show you a way to flood a girl’s brain with “sex chemicals” that will have her literally eating out of the palm of your hand, and squirming in her seat she wants to bang you so bad.

Discover this Simple Formula That will Get Any Girl Drunk with Lust...It’s no secret that laughing is an aphrodisiac...

This is because it triggers an increase in endorphines, the brain chemicals known for their feel-good effect.

We’ve discovered a simple “humor formula” that triggers sexual arousal, and she’s POWERLESS to stop it.

Once the “endorphins” take over her brain she begins to lose her inhibitions, she becomes more comfortable around you, she feels more sexy and relaxed, and her thoughts keep moving towards sex....

It’s a chain reaction...

"The Magic Moment"

Over the past 10 years, my friend Bobby and I have approached, seduced, and slept with enough women to make your head spin - and as a result, we've made an amazing discovery that leads to that "magic moment."

THAT moment... where she's lying on your bed, and she sort of arches her back up, allowing you to slide her panties around her ankles. I LOVE that magic moment. I'll tell you, it never gets old...

Here's How It Works

When you spend 10 years of your life (a combined 20 years between the both of us) dedicated to mastering the art of picking up women, you're going to meet a LOT of women.

Which inevitbly led us to the big discovery...

The big discovery is how we ultimately cracked the "humor code" that quickly leads to that "magic moment"... over and over again.

"What to Say to Bang Her... FAST"

When we broke down and analyzed over 1000 interactions (with every type of woman)... it all boiled down to one thing.

We found that no matter what girl you're trying to seduce (be it a stranger you're just meeting, or a long time female friend) there's pretty much a universal formula that can dependably have her panties around her ankles like clockwork.

And it happens FAST. So you better be ready for it.

Uncover a Simple 5 Step Formula

This simple “humor formula” will quickly take even the most ordinary conversation and have her suddenly so horny she’ll have her hands all over you…

Here’s why…

You’re going to use humor to “stealthily” move her through 5 Phases and make her feel like she’s wanted to bang you for years…

You can basically “train” her brain to release “sex chemicals” whenever she’s around you… Which means after awhile, before you even open your mouth her panties will be soaking wet.

Whether walking up to a girl an approaching her for the first time, sitting across from her at a coffee shop, or just lounging together on your couch… you’ll be comfortable, confident, and certain that you can get her horny enough to bang you… because you have our “secret formula” at your disposal.

The #1 Humor Secret

Most guys try to be funny around girls and completely blow it for one big reason... They try to use a one-size fits all style of humor with a girl.

But here’s a secret...

The same type of humor you should be using in the first few minutes of talking to her is NOT the same type of humor you should be using later in the night...

There are 5 Phases of Humor you need to continually move a girl through if you want to quickly get her panties off...

And when you use the templatesexamples, and formula we’ve uncovered for each of the five stages she’ll be drunk with LUST for you... and she’ll completely lose her inhibitions around you.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Make Her Horny With Humor Phase #1:
Magnetically Pull Her Attention Toward You

Simple Humor That Gets Her Attention Glued on You:In this module you’ll learn how to break down her walls and have her instantly see you as a confident, socially intelligent guy she can imagine herself banging.   Its all about mastering the “Sub Text” in this phase to slip ideas into her mind that jump start her attraction toward you... And in Phase #1 you’ll also learn:

  • Rejection Proof Humor: There is a certain style of humor that girls are programmed to respond to early in a conversation. You’ll get a step-by-step method for quickly “thinking on your feet” and being impossible to reject. This will quickly to put the “I have to know more about this guy” feeling in the pit of her stomach.
  • “Sexy Humor” Formula: You’ll learn our simple “sexy humor” formula for quickly setting the stage for a seduction. There are five main ingredients that girls go bonkers for... and create a “knee jerk” reaction of wanting to be around you.
  • Hijack Her Emotions with Laughter: You’ll be prepared with our simple formula to move her from any emotional state into a playful mood. Even if she starts out cold or distant you’ll have the power to quickly unleash her fun and sexual side. And this works even if you’re older than her, not her type, or has a boyfriend.
  • Plus, formulas, templates, and examples of this phase humor... use our templates to craft your own... or just steal our examples.

Make Her Horny with Humor Phase #2:
Spark the Flirtatious "I'm Gonna Bang You Later" Vibe

plenty of examples that you can steal and test out tonighQuickly Let Her Know This FLIRTATIOUS and NOT Friendly: We’ll reveal the secret to subtly let a girl know that you’re hitting on her. This prevents you from become the “funny guy” and turns you into the “I’m gonna bang him later” guy. We’ll share tips and tactics for demonstrating high value with your humor and plenty of examples that you can steal and test out tonight... (And the real reason some guy seem to have girls eat out of the palms of their hands) You’ll also learn:

  • Amazing “Teasing” Technique: Done the right way, teasing a girl instantly begins to wet her panties and has her imagining going home with you. Unfortunately most guys do it completely WRONG. We’ll show the six things you should be teasing girls on that trigger white-hot attraction. And the things that you should NEVER tease a girl about. (We’ll also show you how to weave a “tease” throughout the night to continue amplifying the attraction)
  • Banter Lines for Every Situation: You’re going to get our collection of banter lines you can use in dozens of different situations to “spike” her attraction towards you. You can literally STEAL THESE and use them tonight to signal social intelligence, confidence, and comfort around beautiful girls.
  • How to Detect How Horny She’s Getting: Here’s a secret- you MUST adjust your humor based on how attracted she is towards you. And keep moving it towards sex. We’ll show you the hidden clues she’s falling for you- and map out the “Laughter Sex Ladder” (this is an escalation ladder takes her from “hello” all the way to “fuck me harder now”...)
  • Plus, formulas, templates, and examples of this phase humor... use our templates to craft your own... or just steal our examples.

Make Her Horny with Humor Phase #3:
Make Her Addicted to Being Around You

Most Women Fall in Love With a Guy Who Makes Them Laugh:There is a secret formula for this where you can get her to confess her deepest and most intimate thoughts and desires. She begins to think you’re the only guy who “gets her” and literally gets addicted to being around you.

  • This Kind of Extreme Honesty Gets her into Bed: You’ll learn how to display your “cool vunerable” side in a way that makes her want to fuck you. We’ll show you how to pull simple anectdotes from your life and reveal them in a way that lowers her defences and has her thinking “boyfriend material”...
  • Gives Her “Chick Brain” The Excuse She Needs To Bang You: Most womenWANT to fuck.... But there’s a little voice inside her head telling her that she should hold back. We’ll show you how to overpower that voice with a specific type of humor that creates a “once in a lifetime” feel to the moment that she’ll refuse to let slip away.
  • Use Humorous Stories to Bond You Together Like Bees on Honey: How to trigger “pleasure centers” in her mind by referencing early childhood memories. How to effortlessly weave “trust me” humor into a conversation so that she begins to feel like she’s known you forever, and becomes completley comfortable with idea of sleeping with you.
  • Plus, formulas, templates, and examples of this phase humor... use our templates to craft your own and think on your feet... or just steal our examples

Make Her Horny with Humor Phase #4:
Hijack the Romantic Comedy Running
Through Her Mind

Have her doodling your name on the back of notebooks like a school girl with a crush on the varsity quarterback: All girls have a fantasy about being “swept away” in a spontaneous romance. We’ll show you how to use a technique called “Taking Her to the Playground” to spark that feeling on demand. (HINT: Once you’re in this phase you MUST kiss her as soon as possible)

  • Move Things Physical...FAST: The #1 role of humor in this phase is to get physical with her... every is designed to get her standing closer to you, touching you, and practically betting to be kissed.
  • Our Infamous “Playground” Technique: We call it “taking her back to the playground” and giving her the feeling of being at recess with her childhood crush. Girls are absolutely POWERLESS against this. We’ll give you a specific formula for triggering this reaction in her.
  • Bring Out Her Fun and Spontaneous Side: Once you bring this side out of her she begins doing all the work.  She starts working to impress you, trying to make you laugh, and making excuses to get alone with you. (At this point she’s ready to be bent over your bed)
  • Plus, formulas, templates, and examples of this phase humor... use our templates to craft your own and think on your feet... or just steal our examples

Make Her Horny with Humor Phase #5:
Unlock Her Sexual Side

Most women have a sexual side that will blow your mindMost women have a sexual side that will blow your mind: Once you uncork her, she’ll start spilling out all of her sexual fantasies and provide you a roadmap to banging her. When you use humor to get her comfortable talking about sex she’ll unleash her inner nymphomaniac.

  • She’ll Be Confessing Her Erotic Fantasies: She’ll be telling you how she likes to be spanked, secretly craves public sexy, fantasizes about other women... In this phase we’ll teach you how to have her revealing her most intimates thoughts...all with a smile on her face...
  • How to Test Her Sexual Openess: We’ll show you how throw “bait” out there that immediately lets you know how sexual she’ll be willing to get later. All in the disguise of humor you can bring up sex...and then blame her for turning things sexual.
  • “Challenge” Her Into Doing VERY DIRTY Things: Girls will actually try to prove how sexual they are when you challenge them in the right way. Using this specific style of humor you’ll warm her up for very dirty fun later on... and she’ll think it was her idea.
  • Plus, formulas, templates, and examples of this phase humor... use our templates to craft your own and think on your feet... or just steal our examples

In fact, here's a taste of what you'll discover in
each of the 5 PHASES:


  • Why guys who can tell funny jokes still don’t come across as attractive (and the one simple ingredient they’re missing)
  • There is a “code” language that women instantly recognize as ‘flirtation’ even though you’re NOT complimenting her, hitting on her, or asking her questions about herself.
  • One trick that immediately establishes you as a fun, flirty guy (this allows you to quickly eliminate any friend zone objections)
  • 6 Must-Have Traits for humor to come off as attractive (and not try-hard)

  • How to have her feeling nervous, anxious, and striving to impress you(one she catches herself trying to make you laugh, she’s hooked- and taking her home will be drop dead simple)
  • 3 and ½ Step Formula for Telling the Perfect Funny Story

  • How “subtext” of your jokes will separate the unattractive clowns from the attractive funny guy  (HINT- subtext is how you slip things into a conversation that show her you’re socially intelligent, fun, and that you get it.)
  • “Cool Vulnerability” The Secret Hack to Humorous Rapport” How to use this powerful weapon to create an intense bond with a girl – this almost guarantees she’ll be anxious to see you again.
  • 9 Banter Lines you can easily weave into a conversation within the first two minutes to quickly create that flirtatious vibe.  (Plus, 12 more that always allow you steer the conversation back to the flirtatious level)
  •  Become a master of “timing” and “relevance” – (these 2 easy to learn skills separate jokes that fall flat, from ones that have her dying to bang you)
  • “Shameless Humor” This type of humor is used to make it abundantly clear that this is a “sexual” conversation – and NOT a “friendly” one.
  • How to use “misinterruptations” to twist anything she says to a sexual level (all in a completely NON creepy way)
  • 12 PLUG-N-PLAY Humor Formulas- You’ll get 12 proven templates you can use for any situation – and teach you how to recognize opportunities to use them.  (These will have you quick witted and immediately be able to think on your feet)
  • Real Life Breakdowns of Actual Conversation – You’ll get actual interactions and a breakdown of why it worked, and how you can steal the examples and use them yourself.
  • 6 “State Breaking” Templates- These are 6 templates for PHASE 1 to immediately capture her attention and get her paying attention to you
  • “Accusations” A simple technique that immediately amplifies the tension in a fun, flirty way  (And you’ll learn the ABSOLUTE BEST time to use this technique to maximize its effectiveness)
  • 7 Fool Proof Topics for attraction-creating stories

  • How to Bait Conversation Topics – how to steer a conversation towards topics that make moving her through the five phases of humor super simple
  • The Searing-Hot “Partner’s in Crime” Technique- If you ever watched “The Office” this is the exact technique Jim used to seduce Pam... and its POWERFUL
  • “The 3-step and spin” move- This is a fool proof technique for moving her out of “interview mode” if she’s controlling the conversation with questions (this one technique will prevent you from falling into boring, logical talk that never leads to attraction) EXAMPLE BELOW

  • “Bumper Statements” These are statements that allow you keep cool and confident even when she’s shit testing you or acting like a bitch
  • 5 “Establishing Yourself as a Flirt” Templates –These are five templates for PHASE 2 to quickly create the “flirtatious vibe”
  • Plug-In Metaphor Templates- These allow you add humorous details to even the most mundane story
  • Master the art of “Quirky Phrasing”: Peppering your stories with a few offbeat adjectives and phrases is a great way to add depth while inject- ing humor.
  • Pop Culture Tie-Ins- a simple technique to generate fast and humorous rapport

  • How to create the “Us Vibe”:  Get you and her to retreat into your own private universe of inside jokes and funny phrases
  • “Playful Bullying” This technique will quickly amp-up the sexual tension (you’ll get endless examples of how use this powerful technique)
  • 8 “Fun Games” You can use on dates to keep things exciting and flirty

  • Humorous “sexual statements” how to slip these in during the PHASE 5 to keep things progressing to sex
  • “Sexual Priming” the rejection proof way to get in her pants (humorous way to prepare her for your physical advance making it easier to kiss her)
  • 5 “Sexualizing the Humor” Templates- These are five templates for PHASE 5 to easily transition things back to the bedroom
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...  we show you how to structure all of these techniques into 5 phases to make sure you continually progress things towards sexy

Take a Second to Imagine...

  • How simple it would be to approach a girl if you knew that you can quickly getting her laughing and sexually aroused...
  • Being impossible to reject because she just loved being around you... and she felt like she’s known you forever.
  • Having girl to open up to you about her sexual fantasies, desires, and telling you exactly what she craves in bed.
  •  Telling her exactly what you were gonna do to her later... And doing it in every detail

Picture following simple step by step templates and being able to quickly take control of any conversation and lead any girl back to your bedroom...

Remember, If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do ANYTHING.

What's next?

You could go out right now and try to use this idea to get more girls. 

Yes, you may figure it out...eventually.  Or you may get lucky the first time.

So yes, you can take the trial and error route....

But why put yourself through that?  Why risk blowing it with a girl you really like because you used an untested story on her and she got offended?

Why waste the next three or four years (or longer) trying to find the perfect type of humor for seducing girls when you can go through my course and start getting her dripping wet with humor TONIGHT?

We have tested everything I teach you in Make Her Horny with Humor. 

We know that it will work for you.

And I Guarantee – For all Full 60 Days
You'll Love Make Her Horny with Humor....

Go through the program for 60 days.. We'll show you how to disengage her logical mind with humor, what kinds of jokes drive her into bliss and frenzy. We'll show you how to create a bond that has her feel like she’s known you forever. How open up her deepest sexual desires and experience threesomes, public sex, kinky sex and more.

And we’ll reveal to jump-start the process within 5 minutes of meeting a girl so that you can take a girl you barely know and have her back at your place later begging you to bang her.

And as always, when you love Make Her Horny with Humor, just keep this program. No pressure what so ever. If you don't, simply email me... use our easy customer support helpdesk... We'll refund your investment with no questions asked.

The choice is now yours:

YES, Rob and Bobby- I'm ready to Make Her Horny with Humor! And learn – in detail- how to get a girl dripping wet with arousal using a simple Humor Formula that is easy to learn. And I'm ready to gain the rock solid confidence of knowing I can command a conversation and lead her back to the bedroom. All for $49.97.
  • The 5 Phases of Humor Formula - Discover how to use a simple laughter formula to get her begging you to have sex with her. (And sneak in completely under-her-radar)
  • Get her naked on your bed, oral sex on command, all while making her think you're the most fun guy she's ever been with, and have her dying to be your girlfriend...
  • Contains simple step by step templates to make her lose her inhibtions and get uncontrollable HORNY and anxious to get physical- FAST.
  • Bonus Module: Approaching Humor- Spark a conversation with any girl instantly with these simple strategies you can use at bars, clubs, parties, social events, or even walking through your local Whole Foods to quickly capture a girl's attention and get a date with her.
  • PLUS, I'll Get a SHOCKING $100 Discount for taking action right now. And I get immediate access to all 5 Phases PLUS a bonus module on "approaching humor" for just one payment of $49.97.!

All I gotta do is click the button below, right now:


No, I think I'd like to keep Make Her Horny with Humor locked away.  Let the other guys have all the fun.  And I'm fine using the same type of humor through all five phases even though its likely to COST ME girls I could have banged...

Try it Risk Free for 60 Days

Look, I have total confidence in this program.  Everything in Make Her Horny with Humor is covered by an unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 60-day money back guarantee

I've worked hard to make this course absolutely perfect.  I know that the seduction techniques I teach will work and I'm completely confident that you will be able to seduce girls with them. 

That's right: I'm 100% certain that if you do exactly what I will teach you in Make Her Horny with Humor, you will get more dates (with the kind hot girls that you really want) or more sex, or you'll finally make that one girl that you've always wanted totally and hopelessly attracted to you.

If you are not excited by the powerful seduction techniques in this course, I’ll refund every penny of the purchase price.  I'll even give you two full months to try it out.

This means you can examine the entire course for 8 weeks.  You can go out and test what I teach you for yourself.  If you aren't happy for any reason, I'll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Honestly though, the only problem I can foresee is guys not being ready for how effective this stuff is.

Get Started!

Say you get my course and go through it and learn the techniques and then decide to go out and give it a try, thinking “Bobby's written some really useful stuff in the past, and this whole storytelling thing makes sense, so I'm going to go out, try to find a girl, and just see how it goes.” 

Hold on!  This stuff is more effective than you think. 

You might not be ready to have a girl physically hanging off you, trying to kiss you in front of everyone, asking (begging) you to take her back to your place or not taking no for an answer when she asks for your phone number.  Some guys aren't ready for that kind of quick escalation. 

That's one reason why I give you the 60-day guarantee.  Then you have time to take it slower, if you want. But if you are frustrated and you want to change your luck RIGHT AWAY, you can immerse yourself in this course and totally go for it.

Make it Happen!

Rob Judge

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